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Using 2 or more Yoganotch kits next to each other

Introducing channels

Each notch network has a channel that its devices use to communicate with one another. Make sure that each set has is assigned a unique channel, when you use several notch kits in one room, to avoid radio interference

This is how channels work

You can set the notches’ channel in the My Notches tab. Tap “set channel”. Make sure that only yours, and all of your devices are turned on. Otherwise, you may set the other users’ channel as well, or you may create a subset in a different channel and will not be able to communicate with the rest.

Tune your notches

Tune your notch sensors at least once a month by performing a Tune-up procedure. You can find the Sensor Tune-up in the My Notches screen. (You must pair your Notches for making this menu item visible). Follow the in-app instructions.

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