Interactive Experience

Our feedback goal for Yoganotch is simple - make it as intuitive as human speech. Yoganotch technology may be complex, but Yoganotch feedback should be easy to understand, pleasant to hear and to the point.

During your practice, notches scan your body and yoganotch’s engine constantly checks your yoga form. When the in-app analytics notices a difference between your alignment and the target, the app will notify you with a popup sound and a message, just like this:

The app says: Tuck your tailbone

If you are new to yoga, you will likely look at the app’s screen more to visually see how to get into the yoga pose. As time passes and you become familiar with certain asanas, that is when you will be able to pay more attention to the audio feedback and act accordingly.

The more you practice, you will remember your common mistakes in certain asanas - then, you will be able to self-correct yourself, training your muscle memory.

Good to know While developing the Yoganotch engine, we have collected over 200 yoga and body-specific instructions. So if you correct a typical mistake in an asana, you will receive other corrections until you master the pose.

Customize your experience

You can customize your personal assistant’s notification level, how many corrections you would like to receive per asana. Navigate to PROFILE > YOGA ASSISTANT and change the Notification Level. The default setting is relaxed.

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