Tech Specs

Notch Motion Sensors

Notches are small devices that can form a wireless sensor network of 2 and more nodes. Each module is equipped with 3 high-accuracy MEMS sensors, including an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a compass. Onboard memory allows to motion capture without a constant smartphone connection. Notches use Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with the smartphone.

Notch devices have a shape of a truncated triangle also known as a ditrigon. Notches are slightly bigger than a standard SD card, slightly thicker than four stacked US 25 cent coins and are about the same weight as a US dollar coin.


Notches use BLE (Bluetooth Low-Energy) to communicate with the target smartphone. Notches also form a proprietary, wireless sensor-network to synchronize between devices and for internal communication.

Battery Life

Notches run on rechargeable, Li-Po batteries. It takes about 1 hour to charge your devices under sufficient power (>500mAh). During charging, the notch blinks green - when the battery is close to full, the device shines green. We recommend unplugging the dock after more than 2 hours of charging.

Battery Life Duration
Active Mode 6+ hours
Passive Mode 300+ hours
Charging Time 1 hour


  Metric Imperial
Height 35.9mm 1.37795in
Width 31.2mm 1.29921in
Thickness 8.8mm 0.34251in
Weight 8.9g 0.0198lb

Charging Dock

Yoganotch dock

Notch dock is used as a container for the notch devices, keeping them safe while traveling. Notch dock can hosts up to 6 Notch devices. The Dock is powered via standard mini-USB cable.

  Metric Imperial
Height 115mm 4.52755in
Width 100mm 3.937in
Thickness 16mm 0.62992in

Wearable Straps

Straps for the thighs
Straps for the thighs

Straps allow wearing notches on designated locations of the human body while maintaining comfort and low profile. The straps are backed with skin-friendly silicone to prevent slipping.

Strap Sizing:

Size Body Part
Short Right Thigh, Left Thigh
Long Hip, Chest

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