Notch Interfaces

Yoganotch is the second product developed by Notch Interfaces. Prior to Yoganotch our team has launched Wearnotch, the world’s first sensor-powered motion capture system for smartphones, now used by 1000s of developers, researchers and professionals worldwide.

Focusing on yoga was an easy decision for us - everyone on the team has been practicing yoga and everyone had their own goals when it came to ‘powered by Notch’ yoga practice: to keep track of the improvements, to get alerts when it is time to slow down and not push yourself too hard, or, the opposite, to get that extra nudge to master the new posture. We have spent over 6 years building sensor technology, developing applied artificial intelligence for motion analysis and are now using our expertise to introduce yoga tech to the world.

Our mission at Notch is to increase the well-being and body awareness of people through personalized technology.

Our office is located in Brooklyn, NY.

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