Your First Practice

Follow these simple steps to start your Yoganotch practice:

  1. Choose and launch a yoga class
  2. Turn on and calibrate your notches
  3. Wear notches
  4. Do the “Starting Pose”
  5. Start the class

1. Choose and launch a yoga class

Interactive yoga classes are listed in the DISCOVER menu item in the Yoganotch app. Select a class to learn about its theme, asanas, overall difficulty and length. We recommend you to start with the classes that match your experience and skills level.

Sun Salute
Sun Salute

2. Turn on and calibrate your notches

Turn on all four notches and perform the sensor calibration:

  1. Place all the notches into their slots in the dock and close the lid.
  2. Tap the “calibrate” button located on the left side of the menu.
  3. Rotate the dock according to the onscreen instructions in the app:

Good to know During the calibration, the notches’ magnetic sensors are tuned for the magnetic environment. For optimal performance, you should calibrate the notches when prompted, or if you think your notches may get magnetized.

3. Learn how to wear your notches

Notches light up in different colors based on which body part they are assigned to. Put on the straps (on the skin if you can), securely tighten them; place the notches into their mounts according to the color scheme. Make sure they do not move or slide during the practice.

Body Part Location
Chest Place the cyan notch on the front of your chest, at heart level monitor
Hip Place the yellow notch on the top of the hip joint, almost on the side of your body
Left Thigh Place the pink notch few inches above the knee, facing to the left side
Right Thigh Place the red notch few inches above the knee, facing to the right side

Our recommendations:

  • Securely tighten the straps and make sure, that they do not move or slide during your practice.
  • The straps are backed with silicon, so this will help to prevent them from sliding. For optimal performance, place the straps on the skin.
  • Avoid having any metal objects near devices. Make sure there are no metal pins, buckles, phones next to notches when you wear them. Depending on the size of the metal object it should be at least 5-10cm.
  • Do not place any magnet close to the notch or it will permanently damage the device.

4. Do the “Starting Pose”

During the Starting pose, the notches will memorize their orientation on the assumptions that they were placed on the designated locations and that your starting pose is performed according to instructions. To make sure that the Yoganotch feedback is maximally precise please follow the Starting Pose instructions as close as possible. The Starting Pose only takes a few seconds. Tap “steady” and reproduce the posture of the avatar: stand straight, keep legs at hip-width with the toes pointing forward, stretch your arms along the body. The app will notify you when the steady pose analysis is complete.

Starting Pose

If your notches have moved during your practice, you may need to do the starting pose again. Tap the screen at any time, and press “Retake Starting Pose”.

5. Begin the practice

Place the phone into the phone stand, come to a standing position on the top of your yoga mat. Let’s get started!

Pairing notch sensors
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