Class Summary

While audio feedback is useful for real-time guidance, visual feedback can help to analyze the practice later on.

After each Yoganotch class, you will get a detailed summary of your performance. Each asana is composed of many different alignment parameters and Yoganotch Yoga Intelligence engine can analyze all of them in parallel and generate hundreds of recommendations a second. Most humans, however, would have to focus on one feature, to avoid getting overwhelmed and distracted from their practice.

Yoganotch Class Summary is a simple yet powerful tool to help you better understand your progress in yoga.

Based on all the biomechanic parameters measured by Yoganotch devices and software, our Yoga Intelligence system assigns each asana a score on a scale from 1-100. We do not see this score as a grade but rather as a reference number. Asana score is useful for reflecting on your progress and understanding how your yoga practice changes day-to-day.

Asana score is helpful for deep analysis of the practice, and audio feedback is great for real-time guidance. But what if you simply want to get a quick overview of your practice? That’s where simple visual cues become useful. Yoga Intelligence findings are represented in the app in four distinct colors.

  • Purple - Well done
  • Green - Right Alignment
  • Orange - Needs Your Attention
  • Red - Not In Pose
  • Gray - No data

You will receive a score for each asana taken. The summary of the class is based on the cumulative score of all poses taken during your practice.

Asana Analysis

You can review your performance and feedback for any particular asana in the sequence. For example, in the example below, during the Plank pose, the practitioner got feedback about her the alignment of her hips. Following the advice from Yoganotch she improved her posture and her result got better.

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